söndag 28 november 2010

Best selling indie game on Xbox.com

The Deep Cave has been the best selling Indie game 2 days this week. This is very cool and I'm very very proud. I hope the trend is not over yet. Keep on gaming!

I'm also thinking of having a contest. More about that later.

I'm very curious if someone has playing it through yet? AND if someone has making it under 500 deaths. In that case, email me an image of the proof!

onsdag 24 november 2010

The joint winner at Dealspwn

The Deep Cave is the indie game of the week at Dealspwn

"The Deep Cave is the joint winner of our weekly Xbox Live Indie Roundup and has been given a glowing review! We absolutely loved the retro stylings and epic chiptune soundtrack."


tisdag 23 november 2010

The Deep Cave is RELEASED!!!

My game The Deep Cave is now released on Xbox Live Indie. Get it for only 80MSP!!!

(More info shortly)

fredag 19 november 2010

The Peer Review Process

The game is in PEER REVIEW at the Microsoft Indie Community. It´s done by 58%. So it´s maybe only 1-2 weeks away from release IF IT PASS!!! So, my fingers are still crossed.

The game studio is already planning a new game. And this time it looks like it will be a 3D game. I will reveal more info as soon THE DEEP CAVE has been released.

I´m also planning to set up a website only for THE DEEP CAVE release. So stay tuned!

onsdag 17 november 2010


The gamers at the website www.gaminggrannar.se has made a videoblog about my game THE DEEP CAVE, check it out!


söndag 14 november 2010

måndag 8 november 2010

Before and After

I have changed the tilesets and enemies for the "LAVA levels" in THE DEEP CAVE.



söndag 7 november 2010

Playtest #4

The Deep Cave is in playtest again at: http://create.msdn.com/en-US/

Right now I´m waiting for Microsoft to answer my application. As soon as I get an OK from them, I will be fixing the final stuff for the game, and after that it will be REVIEW TIME!!!

Now it´s time for a birthday party!