fredag 31 maj 2013


This is the last blog post I'm making here. I have a new homepage and a new blog and you can find it over here:

lördag 6 april 2013

Playtest round nr 2

Get your cell together is in another round of playtest at the XBOX LIVE site.

söndag 31 mars 2013


Get Your Cell Together is in playtest at the XBOX Live Indie Games site. I hope I will get positive response. I have some tuning to do that I'm aware of. But I hope I can release the game soon.

måndag 11 februari 2013

Converting and stuff

I've been away from game programming for quite some time now. Illness and tiredness has taken its toll. But I started a little bit again a few weeks ago. What's left to do on "Get Your Cell Together" is three different boss patterns, plus game testing. Then it's time for the first test round on XBLIG. If all goes well then I will release the game after that. 

The game is a mini game in the waiting of a larger release coming later this year.
I has also started to think about converting The Deep Cave to other platforms. And first out will probably be
Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. I implemented TouchControl support yesterday for the common controls. The menus must handle touch control as well. The idea is to release it on the Windows App Store later this year. This version will be different from the XBLIG version, all music will be replaced. Unfortunately, I have not negotiated a license model of the current music to platforms other than XBLIG. I still have work to do here. I think I will write my own music. I have some songs ready already.

But the big question is what the general public would rather see first?

* Get Your Cell Together
* A conversion of The Deep Cave to other platforms

* The new great game The Deep Cave 2

torsdag 17 januari 2013

All the bosses in GET YOUR CELL TOGETHER

Mother Cube

The human body is made up of lots of cells. Some cells gets complications and become failed cubes. Mother Cube is the largest failed cube and she is ready to wipe out all healthy cells.

Rotten Seashell

 There is a bad feeling in the air that someone has eaten bad food recently. This one stinks!!! Watch out for the little seashells as well.

Mutated Potato

This poor potato has apparently done an upgrade. His mechanical properties has plenty of power.

Spide the spider

Oh no, a live spider. She is fast, and really do not know which path to take. Beware!

Geo the neoplasma

Geo is the worst of the worst growths in the human body. He vomits
 out all the loads at the same time. You must be very lucky if you manage to defeat this nemesis.