torsdag 17 januari 2013

All the bosses in GET YOUR CELL TOGETHER

Mother Cube

The human body is made up of lots of cells. Some cells gets complications and become failed cubes. Mother Cube is the largest failed cube and she is ready to wipe out all healthy cells.

Rotten Seashell

 There is a bad feeling in the air that someone has eaten bad food recently. This one stinks!!! Watch out for the little seashells as well.

Mutated Potato

This poor potato has apparently done an upgrade. His mechanical properties has plenty of power.

Spide the spider

Oh no, a live spider. She is fast, and really do not know which path to take. Beware!

Geo the neoplasma

Geo is the worst of the worst growths in the human body. He vomits
 out all the loads at the same time. You must be very lucky if you manage to defeat this nemesis.