lördag 2 oktober 2010

My plan

So what is going on? I have been busy with other things. But this is my plan.

* Still waiting for papers from the IRS. When they arrive, and hopefully they are OK, I can do the ultimate final touches on the game.

* I´m also waiting for some graphics. The graphics are pictures and animation for the END SCENES of the game. They will be awsome!!!

* I will be changing the music for all levels in the game, so they play the right songs.

* I have som trouble with collision and moving blocks that I have to fix.

* I will fix the final touches of the "cut scenes" in the game.

When all that are done, maybee not all, I will have the game in "playtest" once more. If I get good response, I will have the game in "game review". And hopefully after that there will be a release party! :)

Many things must be pussled together though.

Wish me luck!

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